The Partnership to Guarantee Your Future

The Michigan Mechanical Contractors Association (MMCA) and the Michigan Association of the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada (UA) have forged a strong and enduring partnership.

A partnership that works to maintain the strength of America's craft skills is a challenge and a commitment that union labor and participating union contractors have been dedicated to meeting for nearly 100 years.

That dedication is reflected in the thousand of hours of instruction and millions of dollars in funding spent every year by unions and contractors to turn out skilled technical professionals prepared for the challenges of today's construction industry.

This unique alliance offers to you, the upcoming Service Technician Specialist, numerous benefits that can only be found in our special Labor-Management partnership, benefits such as:

Multiple Employers

The UA/MMCA offer numerous employers throughout the State ensuring the skilled, trained technician steady, uninterrupted employment. No going out and looking for your next job . . . we'll find it for you.

Comprehensive and Rigorous Training Program

Training includes a five-year apprenticeship, taught at one of the numerous UA/MMCA schools throughout Michigan (with special credit for previous training available.). These schools are recognized as the best of their kind anywhere in the world.

Journeyperson Training

UA/MMCA technicians are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities afforded them to expand their skills, as offered as part of the UA/MMCA Commitment.


Training is offered to obtain the latest industry certifications, and to return again and again for additional state-of-the art training in every aspect of the construction and mechanical service industries.

On the Threshold of a New Century . . .

As we begin the new century, there are many opportunities before us. There are also new challenges and difficulties which must be met as our citizens grow ever more aware of our planet's limited and precious natural resources.

The contracts of MMCA together with our UA partners are committed to protecting and enhancing the quality of all citizens' lives as well as the integrity of our global environment.

When you choose to sign on to UA Training and MMCA contractors, you join in the unique partnership that will make you the best the mechanical service industry has to offer.